A tribute to Thabo Alfred Monareng

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15 November 1959 – 17 September 2019

For 23 years, Thabo was the right-hand man of Freddy and Mark Schmidt at Stormhoek. He was regarded as an expert, confidant and friend. Day after day, he would work with us, and we could always trust his advice, because Thabo knew what he was talking about!

For Freddy and  Selma, it was a huge privilege that their son Mark could grow up learning from Thabo, and so he got to know everything there is to know about sheep, lambing season and shearing.

In 2017, Thabo had to retire due to emphysema, but that didn’t stop him from being involved in the farming activities! Despite his illness and weakness, he still helped during the lambing season every year. Once a month, he would also visit the flocks, and share his advice and knowledge. We think he just wanted to be with the animals he loved so much!

Thabo was a famous face at all Dohne auctions, and was loved and respected by the other breeders. He was even regarded as a legend amongst our Australian acquaintances! For many years, he was the central figure of our Kromspruit flock on the farm. One could listen to him with reverence at the choosing of rams for the mating season. It was such a privilege to listen to Thabo enthusiastically sharing his expertise with our visitors and buyers. He was a superb marketer! Fortunately, he also shared everything he knew with his son, Pefu, who is now taking over his father’s role. 

Sadly, the final day for Thabo came on 17 September 2019. The name Thabo means “to be glad”, and we are very glad and grateful that Thabo was a part of our lives. We would have been poorer without him.

We also want to express our deepest sympathy to Thabo’s family. Please know that we loved him, and that we will miss him. Pefu, your father had a big heart, and we will always honour and cherish his memory.

Farewell, Thabo.