In 1950, Freddy’s dad, Johan, moved with his flock from the Senekal district to the farm Stormhoek, between Memel and Vrede. The low rainfall near Senekal couldn’t sustain his farming operation, and thus the higher rainfall of the Eastern Free State was extremely attractive.

In 1978, Freddy joined his dad on the farm after obtaining his degree in Agricultural Management and his honours degree in Agricultural Economy at Stellenbosch University. His father passed away five years later. Freddy is married to Selma, a lady from Germany. They met while they were both studying at Stellenbosch, and now she manages the majority of the office work.

In 2008, Freddy and Selma’s middle son, Mark, joined them on the farm after completing his studies at Elsenburg. Father and son now form a formidable team. Mark is married to Marizanne, who also grew up in the Vrede region. She studied Psychology at University before joining Mark on the farm. She offers part-time counselling at the Avond retirement home in Memel, and also assists with the office work.

Mark is steadily taking over the management of the farming activities, but Freddy is always around to offer advice and assistance. Categorising and selection are two of Freddy’s passions.

Selma en Freddy also have two other sons. Heinrich, the youngest son, is an IT business analyst in Claremont and Derick is a computer engineer in Stellenbosch. They are also both married.

We believe in the importance of developing human potential to the advantage of all parties involved. Our staff take ownership of their duties, and that leads to an unmatched feeling of camaraderie between the variops levels of staff and management. The best example of this is Thabo Monareng, who for 23 years proudly and successfully managed the sheep flock. Sadly he had to retire in October 2017 due to illness, but his work was his life, passion and hobby! Unfortunately, Thabo passed away on 17 September 2019. He was well-known among Dohne-Merino breeders at auctions, and in lambing season he still came to offer his help and supervision, despite his illness.