The Kromspruit Dohne Merinos have been bred with passion and dedication. The stud is one of the largest in South Africa, with over 1 200 registered ewes. The rest of the flock is of exceptional quality, and achieves a lambing percentage of 160% each year.

Ewes lamb only once per year. The lambing season is only seven to ten days long, since the ewes are sinchronised. One ram is used for 8 ewes. A big advantage of sinchronisation is that all lambs are the same age and can thus receive the same medication. The sinchronisation also means that we can start the selection process very early.

The meat generates about 70% of the income, while the wool delivers about 30% of the income.

After the necessary selection has taken place, the stud produces 450 excellent rams per year. Our rams are in high demand. The rams are used once in the flock, before being sold on one of our auctions. The flock of ewes are rejuvenated each year, by selling all ewes that are older than 5 years.

Only 0,2% of the best bred rams, who meet all the criteria, are used in the stud.

All injections, dosages and health measures are applied to provide us, as well as the buyers, with the necessary peace of mind. Our achievements would not be possible if it were not for the management practices in place.

Ram FS2.19 produced a large number of embryos which were exported to Australia, where the Dohne Merino breed is also successfully established.

We recently started introducing alpacas to our flocks to protect them from predators. We first saw this practice in Australia, and so far we have been impressed with their abilities.