We mainly farm with the Bovelder breed. They are easy to manage, and are adapted to the suurveld.

Every year, approximately 500 heifers and 150 bull calves are reserved. The heifers are bred with, and all of those who become pregnant within 21 days remain in the herd. The adult cows are mated in November, December and January. More than 90% of the female animals have their calves within the first 60 days of the calving season. We are proud of this achievement that proves exceptional fertility. The female animals are managed in their five distinct age groups. The selection process is very strict, and any animal that miss a season, are removed from the herd. All cows are sold at the age of 8, after having five calves, thus producing in each breeding cycle. This means that the most fertile cows from the herd are available at our production auctions.

Bulls undergo the Veldbul SA test, and all bulls are used only once in the herd. Of the 80 bulls that are used, the top 50 are sold on the second production sale of each year. These adapted, suurveld bulls, who receive no additional feeding, will deliver great results anywhere in South Africa.

We take the health of our herds very seriously, and our heifers are injected with Brucella abortus (Strain 19) before they reach the age of 6 months. We inject the herds against, amongst others, lumpy skin disease, black quarter, botulism and anthrax. We inject the heifers and cows with Scourguard 60 days before they will calve.